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Dear Seth

To: Seth Godin
From: Your Neglected Brainchild

Dear Seth (I no longer call you Papa):

Some people just can't stop having kids. You have too many. Too many brain children that is.

Yes, I like my siblings. Many of them are brilliant. Many of us are neglected.

"The Scarcity Shortage." How brilliant is that? With me you created something really special, three words that trump whole volumes of social and economic commentary and drip with irony. The Scarcity Shortage. Every time I go out on the Net and see names for other concepts I am reminded of my very special intended destiny.

But what did you do with me? You used my name as a title for a magazine article, then moved on to make more brain children, leaving me in the heap of eminently forgettable clichés that make up 99% of all article titles.

Well, this is to let you know that I have been adopted by an acquaintance of yours who really loves me and will care for me. My adoptive dad is Wes Kussmaul.

Read on, and weep over what you have lost. OK, don't, you crank out too many other briliant concepts to fret about this one neglected offspring. Good bye.

Your former son,
The Scarcity Shortage