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Career Opportunities?

In all of the commercial and noncommercial enterprises that constitute The Authenticity Alliance, everyone carries the same title: Entrepreneur. People who build an Authenticity Enterprise have bottom lines rather than paychecks.

And so the word "career," identifying as it does a long-term pursuit of one type of activity, generally doesn't apply in our agile enterprises. For one thing, our roles are constantly changing.

Part of being agile is being what some call being "virtual." Whatever you call it, our offices are located in the very most convenient place on earth: your desktop. It's a workplace can be the epicenter of some very exciting projects, provided the space is occupied by a disciplined Entrepreneur.

Do you have what it takes to be focused and disciplined without social pressure from peers sharing your physical space? And would you like to be involved in the next big economic inflection point, The Authenticity Economy, which we feel will be at least as big as the Internet itself?


Then join us! Take a look at the Authenticity Enterprises, ranging from those that are up and running and profitable, to those that are still in the planning stage. Think about the markets and audiences to which you can bring domain-specific knowledge and skills, and that can benefit from Authenticity.

Then get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Wes Kussmaul